Hi! I’m Thiago Marzagão and I do data analysis for academic, policy-making, and hedonistic purposes. I got my Ph.D. at the Ohio State University, where I mined news articles to create a machine-coded democracy index (I was funded by the Fulbright Commission and by the Brazilian government), and now I work for the Observatory of Public Spending (a division of the Comptroller General of Brazil), where I use machine learning to fight corruption.

I have worked for the Brazilian antitrust agency (CADE), where I built CÉREBRO - an app that detects bid-rigging in public procurement. I also teach at Brasília universities and research institutes, off and on - I have taught statistics at IDP and data science at UnB and at IPEA; now I’m teaching data science at IESB.

You can find more details about my work in my papers, talks, code, and résumé.

I also play with LEGO robots (I’ve made a Python module that makes it easy to program LEGO Mindstorms EV3 bricks), write tutorials (“webscraping with Selenium” is by far the most popular one), discuss Brazilian music, listen to podcasts (check The History of English Podcast and Talk Python to Me), read sci-fi (here’s my Goodreads profile), watch Rick and Morty, and waste time on social media.

You can reach me at marzagao dot 1 at osu dot edu and @tmarzagao.

Thanks for visiting!