videos from PyCon 2014

Here (all of them).

Here are the stats-related ones:

Data intensive biology in the cloud: instrumenting ALL the things (Titus Brown)

Diving into Open Data with IPython Notebook & Pandas (Julia Evans)

Keynote (Fernando Pérez)

Know Thy Neighbor: Scikit and the K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm (Portia Burton)

Bayesian statistics made simple (Allen Downey)

Beyond Defaults: Creating Polished Visualizations Using Matplotlib (Hannah Aizenman)

Data Wrangling for Kaggle Data Science Competitions – An etude (Krishna Sankar)

Enough Machine Learning to Make Hacker News Readable Again (Ned Jackson Lovely)

Hands-on with Pydata: how to build a minimal (Christian Fricke , Diego Maniloff , Zach Howard)

How to Get Started with Machine Learning (Melanie Warrick)

IPython in depth: high productivity interactive and parallel python (Fernando Perez)

Python for Social Scientists (Renee Chu)

Python + Geographic Data = BFFs (Mele Sax-Barnett)

Realtime predictive analytics using scikit-learn & RabbitMQ (Michael Becker)

Diving deeper into Machine Learning with Scikit-learn (Jake Vanderplas , Olivier Grisel)

Exploring Machine Learning with Scikit-learn (Jake Vanderplas , Olivier Grisel)

How to formulate a (science) problem and analyze it using Python code (Eric Ma)

And here are the webscraping/text_processing-related ones:

Character encoding and Unicode in Python (Esther Nam , Travis Fischer)

Introduction to Regular Expressions (Luke Sneeringer)

Introduction to Web (and data!) Scraping with Python (Katharine Jarmul)

Python Scraping Showdown: A performance and accuracy review (Katharine Jarmul)

Search 101: An Introduction to Information Retrieval (Christine Spang)

Mining Social Web APIs with IPython Notebook (Matthew Russell)