ev3py. This Python module lets you interact with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 bricks using intuitive, easy-to-understand methods. It communicates with the EV3’s native firmware, so there is no need to create a bootable SD card; just turn on the brick and start coding.

CATMATfinder. This app takes a product description (in Portuguese) as input and returns the three most likely CATMAT classes (CATMAT is the taxonomy the Brazilian government uses to classify the goods it purchases). The app is intended to help reduce misclassification in government purchases.

Wordscores. This script implements the wordscores algorithm (see Laver, M., Benoit, K., Garry, J. Extracting policy positions from political texts using words as data. American Political Science Review, 97(2), 2003, pp. 311-331). Unlike the R and Stata implementations, this one can handle corpora that are too large to fit in memory.

Fightin’ Words. This script implements the Fightin’ Words algorithm (see Monroe, B., Colaresi, M., Quinn, K. Fightin’ words: lexical feature selection and evaluation for identifying the content of political conflict. Political Analysis, 16(4), pp. 372-403). It can handle corpora that are too large to fit in memory.

FitbitBot. Fitbit’s interface only lets you download your data one month at a time, which is annoying as hell. This little Python bot automates the job.

Scripts to scrape and parse the Federal District’s procurement website. (I mention these scripts here.)

For replication material, see my papers page.

Please let me know if you run into any bugs.