Hi! I’m Thiago Marzagão and I write code and look at data. I got my Ph.D. at the Ohio State University, where I mined news articles to create a machine-coded democracy index (I was funded by the Fulbright Commission and by the Brazilian government), and now I’m a lead data scientist at Fitbod, an amazing app that creates personalized workouts based on your fitness goal and available equipment.

I have worked for the Brazilian government, where I used machine learning to find corruption and bid-rigging and to automate processes. I also do some research and publish on peer-reviewed economic/econometrics journals, and I have taught graduate and undergraduate courses on everything from basic statistics to deep learning. You can find more details about my work in my talks, code, and résumé.

I also play with LEGO robots (I’ve made a Python module that makes it easy to program LEGO Mindstorms EV3 bricks), write tutorials (“webscraping with Selenium” is by far the most popular one), read sci-fi (here’s my Goodreads profile), bike and run around São Paulo.

You can reach me at marzagao dot 1 at osu dot edu and @tmarzagao.

Here’s a picture of my dog:

Thanks for visiting!